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Putting some finishing touches on a prototype black Japanese selvedge denim jacket.


Stantons - 18 months in and still going strong!


Rogue Territory Stantons - 18 months, 4 washes

Coming off of five weeks of nonstop travel, these jeans have taken more than a little beating. Little abrasions have slowly grown into holes that required some patching on the road, but no matter - it’s to be expected at this point. Crotch blowout is imminent, but it’s a small price to pay for riding bicycles and camels in the sun.

These jeans continue to be a canvas on which I leave marks from my everyday life, and these past weeks have been particularly vibrant. A hole in the right knee from exploring abandoned breweries and Allied spy stations. Stains from beer, currywurst, homemade pasta, and wine. And the fading continues, subtly shifting between shades of blue as the indigo is slowly rubbed away.

I still have eight weeks left in my study abroad program. Let’s see what happens in the meantime.