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Day 10 →Discuss your first love and first kiss.

I tried to be sneaky but I missed on the first kiss and hit her cheek, and said out loud, “DAMNIT I MISSED”

She’s a wonderful person and without her I wouldn’t have matured as fast as I did. I didn’t enjoy our time together as much as I could because I was too focused on the future, thus I tried to make sure we didn’t get clingy. In the end it was got messy and didn’t work out. Even if we kept dating, I’m sure we would have broken up. You just have realize compatibility is key and you need to stop the relationship if you know you aren’t meant for each other. Don’t waste each other time. To quote How I Met Your Mother on break-ups, “think of it as two friends getting back together." It’s a shame it took years before I matured enough to accept that.

I sincerely wish her the best because she deserves nothing less. She wished me the best from day one, and I was too immature to understand that. We’re on good terms now, but I still do feel stupid being so bitter and hung over on her. When someone important in your life say, “We can still be friends,” don’t think of it as a cliche, but as an positive.

This is a key reason for why I’m not rushing things with Lily right now. I want to focus on the friendship portion, so that if something does happen, we can still be friends. It would be a shame if Lily would be gone from my life because we weren’t dating. We can talk, we laugh, we enjoy each others company.

Now tell me, isn’t that something we need in both friendship and relationship?