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I’ve been drinking iced coffee for work, and while it works, it does keep me up when I try to sleep. I get too jittery and I can’t fall back asleep if someone wakes me midway through. My windows facing the rising sun doesn’t help either. I was thinking tea but I’m not sure the caffeine will be enough to keep me alert?

Has anyone converted from coffee to tea?

  • I’m on the last episode of Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun. I watched the first 10 episodes like in two days, then took 2 weeks to do the last two. And now it’s been another 2 weeks. I’m so bad at finishing stuff. My cousin reminded me that I didn’t finish watching To the Beautiful You. 
  • Working graveyards led to naps more than sleep. Meaning when I wake up, my instinct to brush my teeth is gone. Good thing Lily hasn’t seen me for 3 days. 
  • Lily and I work full shifts, different times. I miss her. It’s somewhat a different kind of sadness to say I miss you to someone whom haven’t left you. It’s like saying I can’t get a grasp of my life.
  • I got a 72% on Exam 1 (out of 4) for my last class towards my degree. Discouraging. Cramming for the next one right now. Only two more weeks…
  • I bought more leather, without selling much product. Plz hit me up with your belt sizes and send monies.
  • I just wanna play all the video games I bought. I bought Batman: Arkham collection for 10 bucks but my gfx card can’t support it. So i check everyday for deals.
  • I hate cell phones. Especially kinds that I can’t use as a telephone.
  • I’m delaying all the things I need to get done cause I haven’t gotten paid yet. Haircut, tires, car battery, credit card bills.
  • Can someone burn me a new mp3 cd. My burner doesn’t work and I don’t wanna use my phone for a music player anymore.
  • Pretty sure I passed two classes, so I’m not a total fuck up.
  • I need to write a 6 page research paper and study for final for my alternative film class. I have til 2:45PM to sufficiently study and do the paper. I think if I do really well on one of the two, I should pass the class.
  • I need to figure out a topic that I can easily squeeze half page quotes in. I hate research papers. Thinking Hayao Miyazaki or Italian Neorealism. I don’t even care at this point. I was even willing to buy an essay off some white guys but they thought I was joking. Heh.
  • I picked up my screenplay and my teacher only wrote two sentences of feedback. Lol, I don’t know what I was expecting.
  • I got all this work orientation stuff that really cuts into my finals and sleep time. So glad I won’t have to worry about school when I finish the rest of my paperwork and physicals. 
  • I can’t wait to have some time back. Crafts.
  • I like the Red Bull limited flavors. Well, cranberry and lime. I haven’t tried blueberry yet.
  • I’ve been thinking that I haven’t gave my parents money lately so I did today. Both of them kept refusing it but they didn’t really give me the money after I put it in there hands, LOL.
  • I opened a few boxes looking for some wires for my computer and found all my vinyl toys. It’s a collection I regretted spending so much money on but I regret it more that I don’t have space to showcase them. Nowadays I just wanna collect handkerchiefs, since I can actually use one a day.
  • I wanna eat out right now. Or have something to snack on.
  •  Thinking about buying a 4s, my phone is messed up. Will miss that 4G LTE, though… I hate phones.
  • Man, I really want some McDonalds right now.