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I recorded this about 9 months ago, and all I have to say is that this song means  a lot to me. Performed over a Joe Budden instrumental, I poured out my soul on this track as it reflected my then current situation. Dealing with alcoholism at the time, I was most likely buzzed while recording this and probably passing out after finishing the track with another bottle. This track addresses that  along with my bouts with depression and suicide stemming from 6th grade on.

I’m now sober, re-framed my life, and currently seeing doctors and therapists to help me with depression. A regiment of pills is better than constant hangovers and sleeping with bottles of OE next to me. So, I’m thankful for living at this point. And, you could say, music was part of my therapy.

Music is my therapy, and this track was pivotal to me.

Pass this off as another mediocre rap song, but to me it’s important.

Still one my tops from you mainly because I can sense passion.

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