This guy started making city maps out of his own head, and he just never stopped

One day, this guy named Jerry just started drawing out a map of a city. No real city, just a city that he invented as he went along. And then when he got to the edge of the paper, he got another piece of paper and kept drawing. And then he kept drawing and drawing, and now his map is an entire urban world. Love it.


Incredible! I am especially intrigued by the deck of cards that guides the map.

This is insane.

Creating your own reality. 


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    Omg…I want to do something like this too…this seriously caught my attention
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    This guy started making city maps out...his own head, and he just never stopped One day,...
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    Holy cow.
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    With enough paper, you can create a world
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    Guys you’ve gotta watch this. O_O He started on one piece...paper, drawing a map of a...
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    I really want to meet this man and watch as he works. What he does just seems so interesting and fantastic.
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    This is absolutely wonderful. I used to create maps like this (and still sometimes do), but never with so much love and...
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    I wish I had something like this in my life. So amazing. And the card system is brilliant.
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